what my astrology says for today…..

You can’t have any fun debating someone unless you respect them — remember that.-thats true….it happened to me this morning…..

There’s such a thing as news being too good. Oh, wait — no there isn’t! You receive a piece of information that pretty much makes your day. Give it a moment to sink in and you’ll see it’s just good enough to be true.

 Love & Relationships

Daily Flirt:
You may get pretty argumentative, but you’re just trying to have a good time with your ideas. It could be that someone else takes you just a little bit too seriously, so let them off the hook.

Daily Couples:
Are you looking for tangible proof that you’re making the right decision regarding this relationship? Instead of asking for certainty, request something better. Ask for the strength to do the right thing.

Daily Singles:
Everybody loves music, or really enjoys trying new things, or likes travel, or whatever — these things do not an exciting online profile or sparkling conversation make. Let your opinionated, original self shine through.

 Career & Finance

Find colleagues who are as game for surreptitious celebrity gossip as they are for a serious discussion of your company’s stature in the marketplace. You’ll be happiest if you can surround yourself with jokers

my day…………….no idea for today..